Humanity and Sciences


To lay a strong foundation in basic sciences soft skills, analytical thinking and also develop good personality characteristics for inculcating interest in technical education among the aspirants of Engineering/Technology.

Contact Number

Phone : 9121151275


To provide quality education by using innovative methods in teaching learning processes and make the students to realize their ambitions, achieve the goals and scale new heights by imbibing the best qualities and human relations.



M.Sc, M.Tech

Head of the Department

List of Faculty Members

S.No. Name Designation Qualification Specialization
1 Sri. B. V. Reddy HOD M.Sc. M.Tech. Physics
2 Dr.N. K. Visweswara Rao Professor M.A, Ph.D English
3 Dr. M. Krishna Kumar Professor M.A, M.Phil. Ph.D English
4 Sri Md. Ishaq Asst. Prof. M.A, B.Ed,M.Phil (Ph.D) English
5 Sri Y.Pulla Rao Asst. Prof. M.A,M.Phil (Ph.D) English
6 Sri B. Srinivasu Asst. Prof. M.A English
7 Sri N. Guru Murthy Asst. Prof. M.A English
8 Sri S.Narasimha Rao Asst. Prof. M.A English
9 Sri S. Satyanarayana Asst. Prof. M.A English
10 Sri V. Sathiraju Asst. Prof. M.A English
11 Dr. N. V. Nagendram Professor M.Sc,M.Phil,Ph.D Maths
12 Sri. P.N.Kumar Reddy Assoc. Prof. M.Sc, M.Phil (Ph.D) Maths
13 Sri Y.Srinivasa Rao Asst. Prof. M.Sc Maths
14 Sri P. S.Hari Prasad Asst. Prof. M.Sc Maths
15 Smt. K.Usha Asst. Prof. M.Sc Maths
16 Sri J. Ramakrishna Asst. Prof. M.Sc Maths
17 Sri Rajeev Muthu Asst. Prof. M.Sc Maths
18 Dr.K.Lakshmi
Professor M.Sc,M.Phil,Ph.D Physics
19 Smt. A.V.D.B. Satyavathi Asst. Prof. M.Sc Physics
20 Kum. K.Parvathi Asst. Prof. M.Sc Physics
21 Sri P. Veerababu Asst. Prof. M.Sc Physics
22 Smt. Nawazia Sultana Asst. Prof. M.Sc Physics
23 Dr. M.V.Rama Krishna Rao Professor M.Sc. Ph.D. Chemistry
24 Dr. Y. Ramesh Professor M.Sc. Ph.D. Chemistry
25 Smt. O.S.S.Chandana Assoc. Prof. M.Sc. M.Phil (Ph.D) Chemistry
26 Sri P.Prasad Asst. Prof. M.Sc. Chemistry
27 Smt. J.Naga Manemma Asst. Prof. M.Sc Analytical Chemistry
28 SrI. V. Jayaraju Asst. Prof. M.Sc Chemistry
29 Kum. K. Sujatha Asst. Prof. M.Sc Organic Chemistry
32 Sri B. Srinivas Librarian M.A, M.LI.Sc., M.Phil Library
33 Smt.S. Rama Laxmi Asst.Librarian M.A, M.LI.Sc., PGDCA Library
34 Sri S. DurgaRao Asst.Librarian M.LI.Sc., MBA Library
35 Sri M. Ravikumar Asst.Professor in Phy.Edu M.A, M.PEd. Physical Education